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by W. Tom Kowalczuk
July 28, 2016

Return On Investment Blog Image

A marketing ROI of 1,168% would be incredible! When do you evaluate whether an advertising investment was worth the cost of the venture?

Mailing campaigns are known to have an extremely low response. Normally, it’s 1 or 2%. Despite this, financial institutions, automotive dealerships, and many others continue to use... (cont'd)


America at work series!
by W. Tom Kowalczuk
September 25, 2011

Steak on a Grill Image

A new grill prompted a celebration with a couple of thick rib-eye steaks. Still available in the area is a butcher carrying on the tradition of having the best selection of meats. Most would agree yore paying for the quality and personal service but it’s worth every penny.” Are prices comparable to other businesses in the area? You’d be surprised.

Would a drive to the box or super store have produced the same quality at a better price? We’ll leave the question... (cont'd)


Six steps to designing your business card!
by W. Tom Kowalczuk
February 20, 2011

Six steps to designing your business crd

Business cards represent your business and you have approximately 10 seconds for it to make an initial and hopefully lasting impression.

Are you saying one thing verbally, but your business card is telling a different story on paper? For example, a contractor meets with a prospect and talks about the quality of their workmanship. He continues, telling about their years of experience and reliability. The contractor leaves behind a “homemade”, inkjet printed business card. The two messages... (cont'd)


Kimberly - Albany, VT

"Fantastic! Thanks, too, for your quick response back! Nice to see other businesses that respond so quickly!! Much thanks to you!"

...more feedback in guest book!


Forms working as hard as you do!
by W. Tom Kowalczuk
November 20th, 2010

6520; Electrical Work Orders - with Checklist

Cutting costs is a part of business, but knowing what to cut and what to keep is paramount in today's financial times.  Don't make the fatal mistake of looking at all the business forms in your office and thinking they are expendable. Business forms are an integral component in a busy office, but they need to be properly designed to work... (cont'd)


We offer checks and forms guaranteed compatible with over 2000 software programs! If you don't find your software package listed on our order on-line website, give us a call! Many more products are available, but not advertised. Don't forget companion envelopes, designed especially for each product.

Order on-line with confidence! Witko offers competitive pricing with new customer, first-time, new item and re-order discounts. Vendor incentives and promotional discounts influence the savings we can pass along to our customers. Customer service is our number one priority, that coupled with the strongest guarantee in the industry promotes long term relations with our customers. How can we serve you today!

Offered, is a huge selection of business forms, printing and office supplies at our order on-line website. Service repair work order invoice forms are a speciality along with other types of business solutions. It all amounts to cost effective convenience at your finger-tips!

Most products are personalized for that extremely important professional image. Custom and full color solutions also available. Retail products, office supplies, it's all here! Business printings and forms include invoices and work orders. Other products available service orders, proposals, labels, checks, check printing, laser checks, weekly time records and much more.


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