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Innovation - Creating Wealth


by Martin S. St. John
November 15, 2010

We see and hear about innovation all the time. We read about it in magazines, newspapers and on the internet; we hear it on TV and in conversations. But do we stop and think about it? What is it? How is it used? Is it real or just a word that is bandied around?

I hear people all the time talking about wanting their own business, but when I ask them, "What business do you want to start?” they say "I don’t know. What is the BEST business to start?” I always chuckle inwardly when I hear this because if there was one "best" business to start, I would already have 10 of them. My answer to these questions is "The best business to start is one whose business model is innovative and creative. It is a business that answers the age-old marketing adage "Find a need and fill it". Herein lies the answer to innovation. Innovation is the creative individual thinking that identifies a market need and fills it! Most of us work creating wealth for others. We work at jobs which pay us for 37.5 to 40 hours per week and work us 55 to 70 hours per week creating wealth for others. What about creating wealth for you?

In today's global world, employees' loyalty to a firm and a firms' loyalty back to the employees has gone the way of the high button shoe. Firms are bottom line oriented. Employees' worth is valued by what problems can they solve for the firm which enhances the bottom line. Employees are merely "head count" to the HR departments and the firm. Do you want to stay in the rat race? Probably not, but do you have the nerve to change it? Millions of people have done it often after a layoff. What did they do? They found network marketing. Marketing where you are the boss; where your income depends only on how hard and smart you want to work. Herein lays true innovation and creativity.

The fastest growing product segments in the world today are health products. Driven by the 76 million baby boomers who don't want to get old and the young 25-40 health conscious market segments, products which improve health are selling at the billions of dollars per year level. At this website, you will see an opportunity in the coffee market. The product has proven health advantages. Look at the information on the Gano Excel webpage. You just might find the "best" business idea for you. Check it out. My bet is that you will be glad you did!

Copyright © 2010 Martin S. St. John. All rights reserved.


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